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27 May, 2017

Mr. Thamrin Selamet, General Manager of Longrich Indonesia giving welcome speech at LongrichBali Opening Ceremony.


Longrich Business Centre in Bali has been opened and inaugurated at 20 May 2017, located at Kompleks Ruko Sudirman Agung Block A N0.3, Denpasar-Bali.

BALI is a very famous province in Indonesia, even known throughout the world. Bali is famous for the term island of the gods, which is very fascinating and the economy at Bali is very advanced. Longrich Indonesia has made great strides in developing its business through the opening of a business center in Bali. Especially because Bali is prestigious provinces in Indonesia.

Longrich Business Centre opening ceremony in Bali attended by Mr.Thamrin Selamet, General Manager of Longrich Indonesia. He said “Now with the presence of Longrich Business Centre at Bali, everyone in Indonesia will well know about Longrich. Access to get great products from us also becomes easier, especially for Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. We hope Bali Business Centre can collaborate with Longrich to provide the best service for all distributors.”

Longrich Business Centre in Bali was opened by the husband and wife, Mr.Seohandi Joenoes and Mrs.June Anne Handoyo. Partnered with Longrich to advance Longrich's networking business in Indonesia. Where Longrich has become increasingly recognized by the people in Indonesia and its products increasingly in demand by the public.


Mr.Soehandi Joenoes and Mrs.June Anne Handoyo (left and middle), Longrich business partner and owner of Bali Business Centre.

They said, “We are very optimistic with the presence of Longrich Business Centre at Bali will spur business growth in Bali, will provide wider opportunities for the people of Bali to succeed with Longrich. We hope many people can benefit from the awesomeness of Longrich products. Also benefited from Longrich's compensation plan. Because Logoodngrich is a vehicle to achieve better life and better future!!!”

Longrich's business team in Bali is also ready to inflate Longrich's joy together with the local community in Bali.  Routine activities have also been scheduled at Bali Business Centre. All business partner in Bali are very enthusiastic They said, “Because Longrich is the most appropriate vehicle today to achieve mutual success!!!”


Mr.Thamrin Selamet, Mr.Soehandi Joenoes, Mrs.June Anne Handoyo and Longrich Business Team in Bali celebrate opening ceremony together.

Through good collaboration and collaboration between Longrich and Business Center in Bali will enable all business partners to succeed and continue to advance Longrich's business network in Bali and throughout Indonesia. Together with Longrich, we build  LONG Business (Legacy Of Next Generation) with RICH (Responsibility,Integrity,Care and Honesty) together achive better life and better future!!!